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I have to say that I am OBSESSED with my O'beehave shampoo and conditioners. My Grandmother knowing that I am a beauty junkie gave me samples she got from an event hosted by Clinton Kelly that featured O'beehave product samples in our swag bags. I couldn't believe how amazing it made my hair look and feel. I will definitely be coming back to get more.


Noticeable difference after my first use. My hair is unbelievable. the refill concept, the packaging and the products are very HIGH QUALITY. Thank you so much for creating such a great brand~


I love this whole concept! Beauty products in glass containers that you can Refill? When is an O'beehave Refill Bar opening close to my home? My hair has never felt so clean and shiny. I absolutely love these products and I feel like my hair and skin are seriously thanking me!


My kids will NOT get in the shower post swimming in the pool without putting the Charcoal wash in their hair! They are OBSESSED!!!!!! - @popfitnessrvc


My family and I love these products! We have been using them for years. There are so many reasons we love them but top on our list is they are all natural and reduce our waste!


I am in love with your Minx Coat Lash Growth Drops. I use them every night and I can't believe it, they really work!


I use your charcoal conditioner to shave my legs. It leaves my legs so soft!


Love love love my Morning Dew Drops! They are gorgeous!


I have oily skin so I was afraid to use the Morning Dew Drops on my skin. I can't believe how my skin feels and looks now! I use them every day! They are my new favorite! and The smell is amazing!


I use the Purify and Calm conditioner on my face. It has totally cleared up my skin. It's the best!


This brand and your mission rocks! Love everything about it


The Coffee wash is absolutely amazing. I want to drink it!


A unique brand because it is Vegan, 78-98% certified organic and based on botanics. The colours you see in the glass bottles are natural, as are the AWESOME fragrances. I really love this product.


I just bought a flight.  I'm hooked.

Ali Mango

Amazing products. Amazing concept. I have tried a few different organic shampoos and conditioners in the past and all have made my hair greasy and dull.  I started using OB and my hair feels so clean and fresh! It looks healthy and so shiny now.  I also got the Morning Dew Drops and deodorant which are both equally amazing. 

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