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Exotic Flight

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Our Beeauty Flights were created for you to experience the customization that our customers get at our O'beehave Refill bars. All over sensory and scalp stimulation is what you will achieve with our Exotic Flight.   This combination is for those that like an intense uplifting and stimulating experience.  Neroli Wash is rich, luxe and super hydrating and perfect for dry thirsty hair and skin. Aribica Coffee wash will simulate the scalp and the skin and will remove excess build up.  Coffee is known for it's toning effects and helps to work on cellulite. Key Lime Citrus and Liquorish Condish Conditioners both will deliver moisture and will create volume and shine. Hair will have new movement and will feel newly awakened. Say goodbye to build up and drab that can be a result of using traditional petroleum based products.  Coffee, Neroli and Keylime work together to take you up, up and away~ This flight is a really fun way to mix and match our most exotic formulas. 

Includes: Neroli Sunrise Wash, Key Lime Citrus Conditioner, Arabica Coffee Wash and Liquorish Condish enhanced with Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Meadowfoam Seed Oil.

Want to add a Bonus Wash to this flight? Try our Breathe Green Wash and Mix it with your Coffee wash. We call this mix a Black and Tan.

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