From the Beeginning...

O'beehave began as a small artisan product line specifically formulated for the clients of The Beehive Salon; an eco-focused salon founded in Williamsburg Brooklyn, circa 2002.  It's founder, an AVEDA trained stylist, together with an organic cosmetic chemist, combined their knowledge and created our two original formulas. Simple, essential oil and mineral based products that worked to heal the damage and imbalances produced by petroleum, & synthetic based ingredients. The rest is history. O'beehave's eco-mission is two-fold. We will not put another disposable plastic bottle on a shelf, so we created an "On-Tap" experience in our salon Refill Bars. We referred to this as "The Refill Project." Lead by a small group of local "Hivers", salon clients and folks that held tight to the Refill mission, this dedication to our brand has helped to bring our company to where we are today. Our products and practices are game changers. Petroleum Free, Synthetic Fragrance and Color Free "Universal" formulas that are designed to restore hair and skin back to health.  Our commitment to non-plastic packaging helps Mother Earth. Gone are the days of needing multiple products to feel and look your best. "Universal" formulas deeply cleanse and condition Hair, Face, Beard & Body. So 'Beehave. Get Clean. And Keep it Simple.