Our Story

From the Beeginning...

O'beehave began as a small artisan product line specifically created for the clients of The Beehive Salon, and Eco focused salon that opened in Brooklyn in 2001.   "After years of working with chemically based products in the salon I thought there has to be a better way?"  I was supposed to be offering a beautiful , natural, healing experience in our eco focused salon and what I was actually doing was putting loads of chemicals on my clients heads and throwing way too many plastic bottles in the landfill.  I knew there was a better way and that's what lead me to create this line and the On Tap Refill experience. 

These products and this system are different.  They allow hair (and skin) to return to it's inherently balanced state.  These products amazingly begin to heal hair and skin that has been exposed to an extreme amounts of chemicals.  It is about what's in the products, but it is also about what's not in the products.  We are committed to using scents and ingredients that are pure and plant based and ingredients that are safe and effective.  Hair and skin benefit from similar treatment, so these products perform head to toe and on all hair and skin types.  They are #goodforall humans and being able to refill them means they are great for the planet too. 

After years of using these in my salon and on my clients I still haven't found any other products quite like these.  I hope you will give them a try and that you will genuinely enjoy the O'beehave system and experience.

Peace, Happy Bubbles & Many Blessings.