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Purify Flight

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Our Beeuty Flights were created for you to experience the customization that our customers get in our O'beehave Refill Bars~ You can mix and match these washes and conditioners to create your own blends or use as is. This selection of products has been selected to deeply clean at the scalp level.  If you use styling products on your hair daily this flight will help you to remove build up, increase volume and shine and will help to restore vibrancy.  Want to Mix and Match with this flight? Try 1 Pump of Citrus + ! Pump of Breathe Green or Shine & Balance. Always do Shampoo 2xs.  Ring excess water out of your hair before generously applying your conditioner. Massage conditioner into your scalp and comb thru to ends. Leave on for up to 5 minutes and rinse.  Grab your loofah and try these washes on your face and as a body wash too. The conditioner will remove make-up, brighten skin as a face cleanser and is incredible for shaving! 

Includes: Shine and Balance Broccoli Seed Oil Wash, Breathe Green Eucalyptus and Aloe Wash, Citrus Sunshine Wash and Eucalyptus and Meadowfoam enhanced Liquorish Condish.

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