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Heavenly Moisture Boost Flight

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This amazing flight is all you need to become a beeliever!  Four products work perfectly on Hair, Face, Body & Beard. These products are pure,  "All in one" , multi use, and will serve as your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, facial cleanser, make-up remover, toner, moisturizer, shaving cream and body lotion. Yes, that is 9 uses with these 4 products! Results are instant.  Get ready to get your #Happyhealthybeautyon! 

Step 1 - CLEANSE with Shine & Balance Universal Wash for Hair Face Body & Beard! Yes you can wash everything with this highly moisturizing, lathering wash. We infuse it with Certified Organic Broccoli Seed Oil for high shine and weightless volume. Packed with antioxidents, this universal wash will restore balance and bring back luster and shine. Put a few drops on a loofah and Shine & Balance makes an awesome face and body wash.

Step 2 - CONDITION with Liquorish Condish. Infused with activated charcoal, Meadowfoam seed oil and Eucalyptus. This top selling product can be used from head to toe to condition, detangle and soften hair and skin and to stimulate and purify the scalp. It is also great on for the face and other sensitive areas as a cleanser or moisturizer that will soothe and purify problematic skin and scalp. Shave with it to prevent rash, burn, dryness and in grown hair! Don't forget to remove makeup and cleanse the day away before bed!

Step 3 - TONE and hydrate skin (and Dry Hair) instantly  with our "Cool as a Cucumber" or "Peppy Mint" Toning Mists. Toning is one of the most important steps in your daily skin routine! It is known to shrink pores, restore pH, provide a protective layer against dirt, moisturizes, refreshes skin and can prevent ingrown hair!  It is the preparation your skin needs to receive the maximum benefits of moisturizer or serum. You can mist before you apply your Morning Dew Drop Moisture serum and anytime your skin feels dry.  These work perfectly over make-up, so feel free to spritz away! Dry Frizzy Hair? Refresh and add moisture back into thirsty hair with a spritz!

Step 4 - MOISTURIZE with our Certified Organic Green Tea Breeze face and body lotion.  Super light and airy with no greasy residue, this organic lotion is perfect to keep skin soft and quenched all day long. This lotion is unscented but can be customized with your favorite essential oil.