Earth Partners & Worker Bees

In our store we are always looking to bring our customers products that are uniquely "Earth First".  Conscious Consuming is not just a trend it's a lifestyle.  Artisans and Dreamers that start first with a need and then combine that need with process and vision (and most likely a whole lot of patience) to create products that improve the quality of our every day lives, naturally. These Beeswrap products are simply amazing.  You can stop wrapping your food in plastic wrap (*known to leach carcinogens into the food we eat )and store them safely and organically using any one of the Beeswrap products in the collection.  They are reusable too!  These make perfect housewarming gifts (you probably should order two, because you are going to want these in your kitchen) and make us happy every time we use them. 

Here's to one of the great Earth Magic Makers, Sarah, Founder & Creator of Beeswraps Products. Enjoy!



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